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LAIF’s vision is to create AI-centric products

elevating the healthcare landscape. 

We are focusing on bringing our core product suite to the world, providing a comprehensive set of solutions in healthcare, no-code-platforms, and wearables, while also pursuing the application of these core technologies for targeted use, beyond the scope of the healthcare space.


NoCodeAI™ is a drag & drop web platform that enables citizens and experts in different industries to quickly create and deploy AI algorithms without coding or having deep AI knowledge. Much in the way that Photoshop enabled artists to edit images without knowing or writing the math that is involved.

NoCodeAI™ offers industry-based AI receipts within a domain-tailored UI/UX that is integrated with industry tools via plugins.

Our drag-and-drop UI includes step-by-step suggestions for creating models, being organized around building blocks and core concepts from the addressed industry rather than standard AI concepts and algorithms.

NoCodeAI™ vision is to provide IntelliJ-like industry-tailored web-based AI IDEs.


Trainsfer provides fast, easy, and affordable no-code flows to train and deploy State of the Art AI models using custom datasets. 

We offer two visual project flows for industry-based AI use-cases (ex. Object Detection), and leverage State of the Art models using transfer learning.

The Trainsfer Flow is hands-on: you select a pre-built model architecture, configure parameters, and train your model on your annotated data.

In the Assisted Flow you request a model in one sentence (“Detect all cars in 2 seconds per image.”) and a params list (eg. target classes), provide your annotated data, and follow our AI expert in creating your model in max 3 days.

A visual interface is provided for testing, and models are consumed


Your toolbox for bio-recording.

Biosense™ is a platform for recording, storing, visualizing, and analyzing biological signals. It was originally developed for a small, AI-driven replacement implant for deep brain stimulation, capable of recording brain activity and delivering electrical signals to target brain areas, with algorithms that will determine the therapeutic response and be continually improved by Machine Learning.

LAIF has developed its own proprietary signal acquisition board and an headstage to which the probes are connected. Also, we have developed a suite of PC based SW tools that offer basic functionalities to analyze and plot the acquired signals based on a proprietary method for detecting the geometrical position of the neural activity sources. Besides the above, an SW based Machine Learning toolbox is provided for running AI algorithms on the recorded signals.


The current prototype system, tested end-to-end, features online processing and spike detection, a PC interface via wired and wireless (BLE) connection, raw data recording on MicroSD card, and an AI toolbox for running Machine Learning algorithms.


Bits for your heart beats.

Thoven aims to develop an innovative hardware and software product that will offer continuous monitoring and detection of the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events that can endanger human life.

The system comprises a wearable device, a mobile app, and a Cloud platform. 


The wearable device will be able to monitor real-time a large set of physiological indicators like Movement, Heart Activity, Blood Oxygen Concentration, Blood Pressure, Breathing Frequency, Variation of Perspiration, and Variation of Body Temperature.

Based on this biometric data, the system will detect the onset of life-threatening events and will be able to notify the patient and their close ones, as well as provide data concerning the patient and the history of their physiological indicators.